Caroline's Crèches



We are based in Bristol. We provide a friendly professional mobile crèche service. Ideal for Corporate Events, Seminars, Training Days, Sports Events, Community Festivals, Fun Days, Weddings, Family Events, Days Out and much more. Crèches are Ofsted registered; registration number EY418100.


What is a Crèche?


A Crèche is a temporary service that provides childcare for parents/carers.




     All staff have appropriate early years qualifications


    All staff are experienced, caring and professional.


    All staff hold a current C.R.B certificate. (Criminal records bureau) and a paediatric first aid qualification.


    Crèches that fully comply with OFSTED requirements and guidelines.


    OFSTED adult to child ratios are adhered to at all times,                               

       1:3 for under 2’s, 1:4 for 2-3 year olds and 1:8 for 3-5 year olds.


    The crèches have full public and employees insurance.


    Stimulating, fun and age appropriate activities.




In order to provide you with a quality service we need to know key information in advance:


    Where would you like the crèche to be held? We need to know this so we can inspect the venue for suitability.


    How many children will be attending? We need to know this in order to provide the correct amount of staff.


    What are the ages of the children? We need to know this not only for the adult to child ratios but also for the most suitable activities.


    What times do you want the crèche to operate? We need to know this as the crèches must operate for under 2 hours.(In exceptional one off situations they can operate for longer)


    How much does a crèche cost? That depends how many staff are needed, this and what resources are needed will be discussed at the initial meeting.